How “The Expanse” Will Change Over At Amazon

How The Expanse Will Change Over At Amazon

As we know, Syfy’s “The Expanse” series has found a new home at Amazon Prime for its fourth season. The third season finale sees a dramatic change-up to the universe of the series – opening up the scale of the series to something even more epic as it moves out into the galaxy.

Speaking about the new season and home at Comic-Con this weekend, showrunner Naren Shankar tells Indiewire that both the move to a new phase in the source material, and a shift from a cable network to a well-funded streaming service, will alter the series:

“We’re in the second big movement in the books … a new chapter in humanity. We’re no longer constrained in the solar system. It’s how humanity deals with this vast new frontier. It’s going to be more awesome.

We no longer have the language restrictions. [We can] curse like a sailor. We don’t have the nudity restrictions… and the 4K and HDR will look amazing on Amazon. We’re no longer constrained by a 43-minute box. We can put some air into it, let things breathe a little bit more. So we’re excited to be on Amazon Prime.”

The fourth season of “The Expanse” is expected sometime in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video.