How “The Blacklist” Spin-Off Will Work

Questions still remain in regards to the upcoming spin-off series “The Blacklist: Redemption” and how the series will operate given that its lead, Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen character, shows no signs of departing the main show.

Now the answer has been revealed at NBC’s Television Critics Association presentation this week and it turns out the new series is effectively filling in gaps. “The Blacklist” returned from its winter hiatus on January 5th and will run uninterrupted through to its fifteenth episode on February 23rd.

On that night, immediately in the hour after, ‘Redemption’ will begin and run for eight episodes – taking over “The Blacklist” timeslot through to April 13th. Then the remaining “The Blacklist” episodes starting from its sixteenth will air from April 20th.

This allows Tom Keen to exist on both shows, effectively walking from one episode into the next, and extends the story narrative of the season. Plans are to keep Tom Keen on the flagship series so even if ‘Redemption’ fails, he ain’t going anywhere.

‘Redemption’ follows Keen looking into his own background and working with his mother Susan (Famke Janssen) as an undercover operative. Terry O’Quinn is also onboard in the role of his father, and other characters from the main show will play a part in the spinoff.

Source: Deadline