How Jeremy Renner Became Sloppy Seconds

The fight to take over the lead role in the upcoming “The Bourne Legacy” was a hotly contested one with Jeremy Renner ultimately winning out late last week.

Now, Vulture reports that in the end, Renner emerged as the de facto choice rather than being either director Gilroy or Universal’s first choice for the leading role.

Insiders tell them that Gilroy wanted 36-year-old Joel Edgerton for the role. Universal however wanted to go younger and with a more known name from upcomers Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Kitsch, to the quite well-known by this point Shia LaBeouf and Colin Farrell.

LaBeouf refused to screen test, Kitsch was already committed to other projects, and with time running out on the rights to make a further Bourne film, someone had to buckle. Ultimately it was Gilroy on Edgerton, and in the ensuing compromise the 40-year-old double Oscar nominee Renner scored the part.