How Hagman’s Passing Will Affect “Dallas”

With the passing of the great Larry Hagman on Friday from cancer complications, the grim but necessary question has to be asked – how will this affect the revival of “Dallas” over at TNT.

Hagman portrayed the iconic villainous oilman J.R. Ewing over the span of 35 years. When TNT revived “Dallas”, Hagman came onboard while at the same time announcing he was diagnosed with a “common and treatable” form of cancer.

Originally slated to only appear in three episodes, he ended up appearing in all ten of the first season.

Hagman was in Dallas filming the second season when he died. He had completed filming up to six of the fifteen episodes being made for the season.

It’s thought some additional days of hiatus will be taken this week or next to allow the writers time to rework the scripts for the remaining episodes. They are also expected to write in a proper sendoff for the J.R. Ewing character.

Source: Deadline