How Do You Do A “Gran Turismo” Movie?

Of all the video game genres that could be turned into movies, driving simulators seem the absolute worst fit. The games have no plot, no real characters, and minimal narrative structure. They often have large fanbases, but don’t offer a lot in the way of wide appeal.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped three driving game related movies being put into development by Hollywood recently. Next year sees the first of them, “Need for Speed,” hitting cinemas. The second most likely to go forward is the Sony Pictures produced adaptation of the popular “Gran Turismo” franchise.

So how in the world does one turn this game series into a functional movie? Turismo’s producer Dana Brunetti recently sat down with Collider and explained that they intend to use a true story tale that revolves around the game and the ‘GT Academy’:

“A lot of people are like, ‘How the hell do you make a movie out of a video game that’s basically a driving simulator?’ And actually the story is they did an online competition where they narrowed it down 25,000 people competing online, and then got it narrowed down to 22 people that they took to Silverstone race track basically to see if it was possible to go from virtual to reality.

Then they basically put them through a racing boot camp through physical, mental, and technical driving school to train and see who would be the best race car drivers out of that. The top two they then took and put in the 24 hours at Dubai race, and they are now race car drivers.

So the movie that we’re gonna do is kind of really a wish-fulfillment fantasy that this kid plays this video game and ultimately goes from this video game to actually racing the race cars. This is based in truth, but we’re gonna take a lot of license with it.”

A writer is currently being sought for the project.