How Batman Fits Into “Suicide Squad”?

We know that David Ayer’s upcoming “Suicide Squad” film will be a part of the same screen universe as that within “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. So, how will Ben Affleck’s Batman fit into this world exactly, especially considering Jared Leto’s The Joker is a part of the ‘Squad’ film.

Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe has posted a report claiming he knows how. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD.

His sources claim that prior to ‘Dawn of Justice,’ The Dark Knight is more of an urban legend who terrorises criminals and is a pain in the ass for the Government. However, up to that point The Joker is actually the only person to have ever come face-to-face with the Caped Crusader for an extended period of time – potentially due to him murdering Robin.

Batman has become a priority target for Amanda Waller and sometime during Suicide Squad, which is why The Joker is a vital asset for the team. Scenes in the film apparently include the team watching footage of the Batman in action and that tracking him down will help her track down “all the supers”.

Between all the characters in the film, it raises the question of how interconnected this particular film will be to the rest of the more superhero-centric films in the DC Cinematic Universe.