How A Fashion Choice Cost “Skyfall” Millions

There were numerous stories of issues with “Spectre” during its production and release, be it on-set injuries to actor Daniel Craig’s dismissive attitude to the franchise during the press tour. With its predecessor “Skyfall” though it seemed everything went pretty smoothly.

Turns out that’s not quite the case. Filmmaker and film critic Charlie Lyne has posted a video story to Twitter, which Vulture spotted, about an apparent incident on-set involving a pair of leather gloves which Daniel Craig purchased one day and which ultimately cost the film millions of dollars in awkward CGI replacement. Check out the two-part story below:

Since then Birth Movies Death has posted a follow-up going into detail suggesting the story is sort-of true and that the sequence being referred to was NOT the casino scene but the Shanghai glass doors sniper scene. This would make sense as promo photos from the film have Bond wearing gloves in the scene, the final film not only has him going bare handed but has a deliberate shot in his car of him taking off his gloves and testing out the handprint gun.