Hover Car Racer Picks Up Speed

The long-gestating adaptation of Australian novelist Matthew Reilly’s young adult novel series “Hover Car Racer” is picking up speed again at Disney Pictures with commercials director Fredrik Bond the apparent top choice to direct reports The Los Angeles Times.

Bond was recently attached to the sci-fi actioner “Year 12”, no word if that’s still the case. The “Speed Racer”-esque story follows Jason Chaser, a young student who races in the dangerous and cutthroat world of hover car racing with his vehicle the Argonaut and his nerdy younger best friend and technician Bug.

There’s also a lot of school class scenes set around the training school on the island of Tasmania which has been privatised, and the buildup to four ‘Grand Slam’ races held in London, Sydney, New York City and across Italy.

Blaise Hemingway is adapting the script, the latest author to do so after attempts by scribes like David DiGilio (“Eight Below”) and John Sayles (“Lone Star”) since Disney scored the project back in 2004.

Attempts at adapting Reilly’s other fun high concept thrillers have been discussed over the years but none have yet gone beyond development stages. His books include “Contest” about an alien gladiatorial fight in the New York Public Library; “Ice Station” about a race between USMC, DGSE & SAS officers to uncover an artifact buried in the Antarctic ice; and “Scarecrow” about a worldwide bounty hunt for fifteen targets across the world for a tidy sum of nearly $20 million per head.