House of Cards Third Season Delayed?

Production on a third season of Netflix’s “House Of Cards” has been delayed until mid-June pending the outcome of two separate Maryland Legislature bills.

Should they go forward, it would ensure another season of lucrative state tax breaks for the political drama. The series received more than $11 million in Maryland tax credits for Season 1 and is expected to receive anywhere up to $15 million for Season 2.

MRC is reportedly seeking a tax credit for Season 3 in line with the second season’s $15 million. That’s presently impossible as Maryland’s current cap is $7.5 million. The two bills would effectively raise that ceiling to either $11 million or $18.5 million.

MRC has issued a letter effectively saying that incentives must be approved if the production is to stay in the state. It’s estimated that production on the first two seasons contributed around $197 million into the local economy in fiscal year 2013.

Speaking of the series, it has been confirmed that around 2% of U.S. Netflix users ‘binge watched’ all thirteen episodes of the second season of the series last weekend. Based on subscriber estimates, that works out to around 668,000 viewers.

Between 5-15% of all subscribers watched at least one episode, with the average viewer having watched three episodes thus far.

Source: Deadline