“House of Cards” S5 Trailer Has Killer Tagline

Netflix has released the first full trailer for the upcoming fifth season of “House of Cards” which premieres on the streaming service on May 30th.

With a public burned out by everyday politics these days, the series has opted to take an interesting approach to the fifth season – ditching any semblance of political drama realness to embrace the deliciously dark soap opera that it really is.

In the new season President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) battling for his political life in a contentious election while also struggling to maintain his marriage with Claire (Robin Wright). The trailer paints their ambition and their ruthlessness in stark terms – a ruler with an iron first who plans to bring “One nation, Underwood”.

Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott join the action this season along with S4 returnees Joel Kinnaman and Neve Campbell.