“House of Cards” Moving Forward Without Spacey?

Netflix’s “House of Cards” was to be coming to a close with the sixth season, but the Kevin Spacey scandal has put a damper on those plans with production now on indefinite hold.

Producers Media Rights Capital are reportedly well aware that the series employs 300 cast and crew members who would be put out of work if the sixth season does not move forward, and should not be penalized for Spacey’s behavior.

As the new season had only just started filming, Spacey’s character could be safely written out without many logistical hurdles. In fact Yahoo reports that producers of the series are exploring several options including killing off Spacey’s villainous Frank Underwood – leaving the full focus on Robin Wright’s Clare.

The fifth season ended with Clare Underwood taking power as President of the United States while Frank was disgraced and being sent to jail. The season ended with him awaiting a call from her granting him a full pardon – a call she was in no rush to make, or had any real desire to. See that final minute again in the clip below.

At this point it would not be difficult for a scenario such as Frank dying in custody (off screen) before the season began or during the first episode – thus propelling the storyline for the season. The series has narratively been seen as being in a rut, a bold change such as this could actually help it go out on a creative high.

Producers are currently exploring Spacey’s contract to see if they can legally move forward without him or if they are obligated to put him in the remaining episodes. Earlier today Scotland Yard opened an investigation into Spacey over an allegation that he sexually assaulted a male actor in London.