Hot Videos: ID4-R, GTA-TRON & Iron Man

Independence Day Resurgence
There’s no real way to avoid saying it – “Independence Day: Resurgence” was a dud. The twenty years on follow-up to the iconic 1996 sci-fi blockbuster was critically slammed but managed a $389 million worldwide gross – mostly thanks to an overseas audiences. Even so, talk of a third film has died.

Now the Honest Trailers guys have taken it to task on some of the things you’d expect from the lack of a great Bill Pullman speech and the bad scripting, to some things you might not such as Liam Hemsworth’s tendency to roar:

Grand Theft Auto Online
A new update to “Grand Theft Auto Online” entitled ‘Deadline’ has just been released and is turning heads for what is essentially a nifty trick – it turns GTA effectively into “TRON,” though can’t quite say that due to copyright issues.

Players can ride lightcycles which shoot light trails that follow behind them which are deadly to other players if they run into them with their bike. Check out a sample of the gameplay below:

Iron Man
The first Marvel-themed Disney attraction is finally set to open its doors at Hong Kong Disneyland on January 11th. The ‘Iron Man Experience’ invites guests to take flight on the 45-seat Iron Wing with the iconic Avenger through a storyline involving Hydra agents and plenty of aerial action. Check out the promo trailer for it: