Horner Not An “Amazing Spider-Man 2” Fan

One change between the first and second of “The Amazing Spider-Man” films is composer James Horner. The “Avatar” and “Titanic” composer came onboard the franchise with the first Andrew Garfield-led film outing but wisely opted out of the sequel which seems to have become one of the most hated comic book films since “Batman and Robin”.

In a new interview for a fan site JH Film Music, Horner himself didn’t hold back on his feelings about the franchise. He also explained how he came onboard the first one, mostly due to the film’s director Marc Webb, and what happened behind the scenes on the first (SPOILERS AHEAD for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”):

“He [Webb] was very inexperienced and he and I had a very good relationship and the producers had their own opinion. And they didn’t want his input. And then Sony had their own, they just wanted action.

To me, the whole thing about doing the movie was I liked the director and there was a chance to write something for the two lead characters and then she dies in the next movie. But the next movie ended up being so terrible, I didn’t want to do it. It was just dreadful.”

The slight comes as Sony Pictures Entertainment continues to deal with the fallout of the ‘unprecedented’ computer hack that has left the company in disarray over the past few weeks.

Source: Den of Geek