Homesman, “Time,” “Plus” Score Directors

The Homesman
Tommy Lee Jones is set to star in, write, produce and direct the period drama “The Homesman” for Ithaca Films and potentially EuropaCorp.

Jones would play a claim jumper who, along with a pioneer woman, must brave the elements to escort three insane women on a journey from Nebraska to Iowa. Michael Fitzgerald will produce. [Source: Variety]

Time After Time
Lionsgate-Summit have set “Glee” and “American Horror Story” co-executive producer Brad Buecker as director of the 80’s-inspired musical “Time After Time”.

Brian Yorkey penned the musical which plays out in the style of a John Hughes movie about a contemporary teenage girl who finds herself trapped in the 1980s with her mother as her best friend. [Source: Deadline]

Plus One
“The Last House on the Left” remake director Dennis Iliadis has been set to helm the thriller “Plus One” for Sierra/Affinity. Shooting kicks off June 11th in Atlanta.

Bill Gullo penned the script based on an story by Iliadis and the story follows the party of the decade which is disrupted by a mysterious phenomenon. The evening quickly descends into chaos. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]