Homeland To Crib From “24,” “Wire”

Showtime is reportedly taking a page from FOX’s “24” and HBO’s “The Wire” with its one mighty terrorism drama “Homeland”.

The series scored great acclaim in its first year before becoming something of a joke in its second and third seasons. Last year’s fourth season however saw leading character Carrie Mathison (Clare Danes) having moved to Islamabad and the critical reception decidedly improved.

The fifth season sees a continuation of that approach with Carrie now setting up shop in Berlin where she works as head of security for a German billionaire. Showrunner Alex Gansa tells The Live Feed they plan is to continue this new season/new location approach in the near future:

“We’re adopting the model that The Wire and 24 set. Each season we pick up Carrie in a new geographic location and a new emotional location as well. It’s going to be a big part of the show moving forward.”

Gansa says the show will still revolve around the core foursome of Carrie (Claire Danes), Saul (Mandy Patinkin), Quinn (Rupert Friend) and Dar (F. Murray Abraham), and the war on terror remains the centerpiece. Everything else though is new and changeable with each new season.

In the new season, life in the private sector seems to be treating Carrie well before a combination of hackers, fundamentalist cells and her former employers threaten to derail the new status quo.

The fifth season kicks off on Showtime on Sunday.