Homeland S3 Finale Leaks Online

The third season finale of Showtime’s “Homeland” leaked onto file-sharing sites this weekend, a day before the episode went to air. Spoiler-heavy discussions on sites like Reddit quickly followed.

This marks the second time the series was hit with a major leak. An unfinished copy of the season three premiere, with uncompleted green screen work, leaked online a month before it aired.

Said episode was pirated 100,000 times in its first few hours. The show is also one of the top ten most pirated show on the internet, with more than 2.4 million illegal downloads.

The leak may have been an attempt to drum up buzz following a disappointing season. While ratings have held steady, the show’s critical reaction has taken a nose dive from the universal acclaim of the first season, through a mixed response to the second, to outright bashing for the third.

Source: The Wrap