Homeland Creators On Death, Season 4


Despite the events of the third season of Showtime’s “Homeland,” many fans have been wondering about the possibility of a return of Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) next season in one way or another – be it flashbacks or that his death was staged.

Appearing at a TV Academy panel this past Friday, showrunner Alex Gansa says that Brody is definitely dead, but did speak of an alternate version that they had in mind:

“Originally we thought Saul was going to kill Brody. But it became clear Claire’s Carrie had to send her soulmate someplace he wasn’t going to come back from.”

Gansa also said the only option to keep Lewis on the show was to have the character seek political asylum in Iran, an idea they did briefly consider.

Meanwhile filming begins this Summer in Cape Town on the fourth season and actress Claire Danes says she’s still largely in the dark about what to expect. She does, however, expect the death of Brody to have a big impact on her character’s mindset:

“I think [Carrie] shelved a lot of feelings. And they will dog her through the season… Realistically, Brody was broken in away he couldn’t be mended. What was his place in society?”

Source: The Live Feed