Hollywood Keen On “The Watcher” Tale

Blumhouse Productions, Dimension Films, New Line Cinema, and Universal Pictures are all reportedly expressing interest in developing a film about the recently revealed true story incident involving a New Jersey family and a mysterious tormenter named ‘The Watcher’.

Tracking Board broke the news, saying these studios along with several writers and directors including James Wan and Bryan Bertino are “chomping at the bit to turn the story into a feature film” and rights to the story are still up for grabs. They add that Dimension seems to be the furthest along with developing a take.

The actual incident involved New Jersey residents the Broaddus family who moved into a new home in Westfield. Soon after they were sent notes from an individual who insisted that he was the true owner of the home and that members of his family had spent decades in charge of watching the house and “waiting for its second coming”.

Further notes took on creepier and more threatening tones involving “young blood” and suggesting something living in the walls. The parents Derek and Maria began to fear for their three young children’s safety and are now suing the realtors for fraud and emotional distress for failure to inform them of the stalker before they bought the house.