Holbrook Leads Period Horror “Eight For Silver”

Holbrook Leads Period Horror Eight For Silver

Boyd Holbrook (“Logan,” “The Predator”), Kelly Reilly (“Flight,” “True Detective”), and Alistair Petrie (“Sex Education”) are set to star in “Anthropoid” director Sean Ellis’ 19th-century horror feature “Eight For Silver” for LD Entertainment.

Set in the French countryside, the period spooker has Holbrook playing pathologist John McBride who is assigned to determine if the body of a fourteen-year-old boy found in the woods is the work of a man or a beast.

McBride is then welcomed as a guest into the family home of a local wealthy landowner, Seamus Laurent (Petrie), and his wife Isabelle (Reilly), who share that their own son, a friend of the victim, has been missing for two weeks.

Distraught and determined to keep her daughter safe, Isabelle finds comfort in the arrival of John while he is forced to confront the horrors of his own dark past.

Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon are producing. Filming begins this month in France.

Source: Deadline