Hoechlin’s Clark Kent Strips For “Supergirl”

The first photos of Tyler Hoechlin in his Superman outfit whilst filming the second season of The CW’s “Supergirl” last week went online over the weekend and caused all sorts of reaction.

Many liked how he looked in these set photos far better than in the first publicity shot released last week. Others weren’t fans of the cape, and many couldn’t stop commenting on the emphasis the outfit placed on his muscular bubble butt.

Filming continues on his episodes though and more shots keep coming in of the “Teen Wolf” and “Everybody Wants Some” star and this time they show him not just in his everyday Clark Kent guise but also pulling off the famous ‘running and stripping’ moment as he ditches his civilian clothes to become Superman.

Check out the shots below. “Supergirl” returns to The CW in October.