Hoechlin On Playing An Optimistic Superman

We had the far too Photoshopped promo shot of both of them together a few months back, now finally comes a proper photo of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl together in one scene in the upcoming second season of “Supergirl”.

The shot, which comes from the second episode dubbed “The Last Children of Krypton,” offers offers fans a better look at the Superman suit, including coloring akin to Kara’s costume and a more battle worn look as he’s been in action for over a decade. Speaking with EW about taking on the role, Hoechlin says he hasn’t watched any Superman films since landing the role:

“[We want to] honor the tradition that is the character without really emulating anything that somebody else has done before… It’s Superman as I think he was intended to be, which is just an incredible symbol of hope to kids that they can do anything, that they can be good people, and that good people can triumph over evil. You don’t have to be dark and brooding and always in this state of masculine toughness. He sits in that very hopeful and optimistic place that Kara tends to be in.”

Hoechlin also spoke about getting into the suit itself, saying it’s not as easy as you might think:

“The first couple of times it definitely took longer to get into. I started to think that Superman’s greatest power was actually being able to just jump into [the suit] as quickly as he does, because it’s not quite as smooth the first couple of times you do it… it’s kind of like putting on a wetsuit. I’ve introduced an old surfing trick, so if [I] put a plastic bag over my feet and hands when I put it on, that seems to cut down a little bit of time, so that’s been helpful in the process.

It’s one of those things where you put it on, and it’s the nicest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn. Then, once you step on set, it becomes something different because people actually start addressing you as Superman. You’re in the scenes, and people are playing along that you are Superman, so that’s when it really hits you for a second. You have to then believe that you are this person, and just really own it and roll with it. That was really the moment that it hit closest to home.”

“Supergirl” Season 2 kicks off on The CW on October 17th.