Hobbit 48FPS Gets Only A Limited Run

Peter Jackson’s 48 frames-per-second experiment with “The Hobbit” is going to start out smaller than originally planned reports Variety.

Warner Bros. Pictures are reportedly only going to be screening the high frame rate version of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in select locations, perhaps not even in all major cities.

The finished footage picture quality reportedly looks vastly better than the not well-received test footage shown in April at CinemaCon.

Yet the studio is playing it smart, starting out with just a limited release for the HFR version in order to test audience enthusiasm and reaction to the presentation. Should it go well, expect the 48FPS versions of the subsequent sequels to expand much wider.

As of now, there are still no theaters ready for HFR projection, though some require only a software upgrade that will be ready in September. One thing you won’t see is 4K 3D 48FPS versions of the film as apparently no projection equipment can handle that much data at present.