Hitman Reboot Extra Content Revealed

Square Enix has now released full details for the launch of the “Hitman” video game reboot.

As previously indicated, IO Interactive will launch only part of the game on March 11th 2016 with players able to travel to Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh to undertake six campaign missions.

A Contracts mode will also allow players to create and share custom missions with up to eight hundred potential targets between these three locations. Each of these locations are six to seven times the size of the largest levels in “Hitman Absolution”.

Live content will be launched on the same day and will include weekly contracts with time-limited targets. The company will also release one new sandbox location per month with Thailand available in April, the United States in May and Japan in June.

Each location will come with additional missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets. The checkpoints from ‘Absolution’ will be ditched in favor of a save-anywhere system.

All these post-launch additions will come free for those who buy the release version of the game. For those who’d rather not that method, they can buy the initial three locations for $35, and then a further $30 for those who want to upgrade to the full version.

Source: Hitman.com