Hitman Reboot Disc Won’t Hit Until 2017

Square Enix and IO Interactive have confirmed that a total of seven episodes will be produced for the “Hitman” game series reboot which just released its first chapter on Friday.

All seven will be released throughout the year, but those hoping for a full disc release will have to wait until January next year when the entire series has long been out on digital format says Tech Radar.

The publishers are also reportedly already considering ideas for a ‘Season Two’, telling Gaming Bolt that this is how the franchise will go moving forward: “there will be more seasons, and I think that’s the future- this universe we’ve created, with this version of 47.”

Fans of the franchise should get a kick out a new promo tie-in video for the game made by Realm Pictures. The aim was to do a live-action experience involving Agent 47 from the Hitman series combined with a handful of YouTubers to work as his handler.