“Hitman” & “Deus Ex” Games Put On Hiatus

Game publisher Square Enix is reportedly set to sever ties with game developer IO Interactive with investors being sought to pick up their share. Square Enix, which reportedly has a stake worth $43 million, is reshifting their focus towards more lucrative IPs.

That means two of the most valuable IO and Eidos franchises – “Hitman” and “Deus Ex” – are both being shelved for the foreseeable future. Their sudden retirement follows in the wake of EA’s “Mass Effect” franchise which was also put on hold this week.

It’s a surprise. Last year’s episodic “Hitman” reboot scored strong reviews even as the new piecemeal structure and release format weren’t well received. With this action, the game won’t resolve its cliffhanger with a second season. Last year’s “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” scored good, but not great reviews (unlike its predecessor “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”) and underwhelming sales.

Both franchises look now to be missing out on the rest of this generation as Square shifts focus to their other franchises including “Tomb Raider,” “Final Fantasy,” “Just Cause,” and “Dragon Quest”.

Source: The Verge