“Hitman 2” Includes Reboot’s Six Maps As DLC

Hitman 2 Includes Reboots Six Maps As Dlc

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced that the upcoming “Hitman 2” is set to include a treat – specifically every location from the 2016 “Hitman” reboot (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido).

Each of these levels will be updated into parity with Hitman 2’s new missions – new AI, combat techniques, gameplay items, graphics improvements and game modes. The older missions will be sold as DLC in a ‘Legacy Pack’, but owners of the 2016 game will get it for free at the same time as when “Hitman 2” releases.

This is a rare deal as IO went independent last year, parting ways with Square Enix, and so as PC Gamer says: “a studio offering maps made under its old publisher in a game with a new publisher, rather than the whole series being locked up in a rights nightmare, is a games industry miracle.”

The companies also announced ‘The World of Assassination’, a pledge to offer a ‘continuous experience that will never stop growing’ with new maps apparently to come alongside the main game. Check out the trailer for this below, “Hitman 2” hits shelves November 13th.