“Hitman 2” Full Locations Revealed

Hitman 2 Full Locations Revealed

IO Interactive’s follow-up to the acclaimed 2016 reboot of the “Hitman” video game series has just announced the locations that will serve as the key settings for each of its chapters.

The 2016 reboot included a fashion show in Paris, France; a bio lab in picturesque Sapienza, Italy; the crowded streets of Marrakesh, Morocco; a luxury hotel in Bangkok, Thailand; a private militia training camp in Colorado, USA; and a private hospital for the super-rich in the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan. There was also a training level of a luxury boat moored in Sydney, Australia.

The new game includes the moonlit desolate beauty of the beaches of Hawke’s Bay off of New Zealand’s east coast; a massive racing event in Miami, USA; the remote village of Santa Fortuna deep in the Colombian rainforest; the colorful packed streets of Mumbai, India; the picture-perfect well-groomed suburbia of Whittleton Creek, USA; and the highly secretive Isle of Sgail somewhere in the North Atlantic. Additionally, there are the decadent chateaus of Himmelstein, Austria available for the ‘Sniper Assassin \ mode’ that comes with the game.

The new locations can be glimpsed in the just released ‘Untouchable’ trailer. “Hitman 2” will be released November 13th on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.