Hitchcock Raped By “Teens On a Train”

With the legal case against Shia LaBeouf-led thriller “Disturbia” ripping off “Rear Window” thrown out recently, it seems companies may be moving forward with other teen-targeted, Hitchcock-inspired projects according to Deadline.

Slingshot Productions and BBC Films are first off the block with “Teens on a Train”, a thriller that uses the same setup as Hitchcock classic “Strangers on a Train” which itself was based on a novel by ‘Ripley’ author Patricia Highsmith.

Like the novel and film, this version begins with two strangers meeting on a train and agreeing to murder the person who’s making the other person’s life a misery. In this take however, it will be a young teenage boy and girl with the later turning out to be a “raving psychopath”.

Oddly enough the report also cites Richard Linklater’s young romance drama “Before Sunrise” as another big influence. The idea came from a Hitchcock scriptwriting competition Slingshot ran in 2007. “Material Girl” writer Joshua St Johnston penned the script.