History Plans Knights Templar, SEAL “Six” Series

History is continuing a push into scripted drama following their success with “Vikings” along with event series like “Hatfields & McCoys” and “Sons of Liberty”. Now, two more ongoing series have joined the line-up with the network greenlighting two new originals – the Crusade-era “Knightfall” and the military drama “Six”.

“Knightfall” will chronicle the mysterious yet truthful accounts of the elite Crusade-era warriors known as the Knights Templar – a group that inspired much fiction from the Arthurian legends to modern day franchises in various formats like “Star Wars” and “Assassin’s Creed”.

A ten-episode first season of “Knightfall” has been ordered with Jeremy Renner’s production company The Combine to produce and “The Avengers” star expected to guest star.

The 21st century military drama “Six” is inspired by current events told through the lens of the Navy SEAL Team Six. The story is loosely based on real missions handled by the Navy SEALs and will go into the effects of their high-octane heroics on their personal lives and relationships. Each season will cover one major mission in a different theater of war.

Harvey Weinstein will produce the first season which is eight episodes and follows the six SEALs on a job to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan, a mission that goes awry when they discover that a U.S. citizen is working with the terrorists. William Broyles (“Castaway,” “Apollo 13”) will pen the series with the help of military special operations veteran David Broyles.

Source: Variety