“His Dark Materials” Reveals Daemon Voices

His Dark Materials Reveals Daemon Voices

HBO & BBC have revealed the massive voice cast they’ve assembled for the animal ‘daemons’ in the upcoming “His Dark Materials” adaptation based on Philip Pullman’s acclaimed fantasy novel series.

Jack Thorne is adapting the novel trilogy into a two-season series about the coming of age of two children, Lyra and Will, who move through parallel universes. In the main universe of the story, every person has an animal ‘daemon’ who accompanies them.

The already announced human cast includes Dafne Keen (“Logan”) as Lyra, Lin Manuel-Miranda (“Mary Poppins Returns”) as Lee Scoresby, James McAvoy (“X-Men: First Class”) as Lyra’s uncle Lord Asriel, Clarke Peters (“The Wire”) as The Master who trains Lyra, Ian Gelder (“Queers”) as Librarian Scholar Charles, Ruth Wilson (“Luther”) as the glamorous Mrs. Coulter, Will Keen (“Wolf Hall”) as Father MacPhail, Ariyon Bakare (“Life”) as Lord Boreal, and Georgina Campbell (“Black Mirror”) as journalist Adele Starminster.

Joining them as animals are Helen McCrory (“Peaky Blinders”) as Lord Asriel’s snow leopard Stelmaria, David Suchet (“Poirot”) Serafina Pekkala’s gyrfalcon Kaisa, Cristela Alonzo (“Cristela”) as Lee Scoresby’s arctic hare Hester, and Kit Connor (“Rocketman”) as Lyra’s unsettled daemon Pantalaimon

Also onboard are Joe Tandberg (“The Innocents”) as the voice of the polar bear Iorek Byrnison, while lead puppeteer and CFX Coordinator Brian Fisher (“Detective Pikachu”) will create the animal noises and vocal characteristics for Mrs. Coulter’s non-speaking mysterious Golden Monkey daemon.

The first season is slated for release in the Fall.

Source: Variety