Hirsch & Silver Talk Speed Racer

You think you know how different “Speed Racer” will be from the other Wachowski brothers movies? Think again.

At the junket on Friday for “The Reaping”, producer Joel Silver revealed that the upcoming anime adaptation was going to be rated ‘G’. This is a far cry from the R-rated territory they’ve stuck to so far.

Silver tells magazine Collider that “They love [Frank] Capra movies, they wanted to make a movie that could have real sentiment. And they feel that a lot of the adult films they see or are aware of are very cynical. But they feel that when they come to the family movies, some of the animated movies that we see are, have a great sense of – they feel they return to a kind of filmmaking that they love, so they feel like they can do that in this movie.”

He adds “It doesn’t have to be a cynical story, it can be a movie that is as human and as accessible, and is sentimental. So you’re going to see a kind of real story, and then technologically, you’re going to see things that you’ve never even dreamed of, or you’ve seen before”.