“Highlander” To Get A Prequel Comic

IDW Publishing have announced that they are set to release an all-new prequel comic that ties directly into the 1986 classic fantasy film “Highlander”.

The graphic novel mini-series will explore the origins of the Highlander courtesy of Scottish fantasy writer Brian Ruckley. The comic will chronicle the events that led up to the opening of the film and cast new light on the battle between immortals throughout time.

Connor MacLeod’s journey will be explored from medieval Scotland to Civil War-era Pennsylvania to mid-century Manhattan. Readers will meet compelling new characters, such as immortal Osta Vazilek, and revisit fan favorites.

Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery starred in the original film which wasn’t considered a box office success, quickly became a cult classic thanks to the advent of VHS. Three more films and TV spin-offs followed.

The first issue of the comic hits in February.

Source: Movieweb