Hiddleston Hints At Ragnarok For “Thor 3”

With “Thor: The Dark World” finally opening States-side this Friday, the cast have been doing the last of the publicity rounds for the movie.

It’s during these interviews that talk of a potential third “Thor” film has come up and what sort of storyline it could entail. Chris Hemsworth has hinted at the Ragnarok storyline potentially coming into play, saying:

“I think that in the comic book, the sort of end of days, Armageddon aspect is probably the direction in which it will all head in. Where it’s sort of the end of all things. There’s obviously no script or anything. When I read the comic books, I thought it was an interesting way to go.”

His onscreen brother, actor Tom Hiddleston, also talked about a universe ending scenario for the third movie. He tells Movieweb:

“I think there are very interesting things that happen. In the mythology, when you get into Ragnarok, which is the “end of all things”, it’s not the end of the world…It’s the end of time, and the universe, and space.

And I think, if I am correct…Loki essentially, sets that in motion. And his motivation for doing so is intriguing and he almost becomes the incarnation of chaos, in a way…So I think that can be quite new.

Loki is a character who’s existed in popular consciousness for 3,000 years, so there are many, many iterations I could explore…It’s just a question of whether audiences would want to see him again.”

Will the next “Thor” film be the next time we see Loki in a Marvel movie? Hiddleston himself isn’t sure:

“Well, I guess it’s all quite open-ended. I don’t know when or how…And you know, I do worry about sort of…Overstaying my welcome, in a way. I mean, I’ve had such a great run, but…I guess we will just have to wait and see.”

The quotes come as it has also been confirmed at the last minute that “Thor: The Dark World” is set to score a IMAX release in the United States starting Friday – something that wasn’t expected to happen as “Ender’s Game” had essentially been booked for all the U.S. IMAX screens.