Heroes, “Chuck” On The Skids?

Despite repeats on all but one of the other networks, NBC’s “Chuck” and “Heroes” generated their lowest ratings ever on Monday night says THR Feed.

“Chuck” (2.2/6, 6.5 million viewers) saw a slight dip while “Heroes” (3.3/8, 6.9 million viewers) was down 8% from its previously established settling point.

Both shows placed last in their hours among the major broadcast networks nd many now wonder if either series will make it beyond their finales in May.

The “Heroes” drain is familiar – fans have been complaining for over a year now about the show’s quality and an attempted reboot with ‘Volume Four’ the other week seems to have not paid off.

The “Chuck” drain is strange as critical reviews have only been getting stronger and ratings were up for its recent 3D episode. Fox’s “House” in the same time period however seems to be draining the audience.