“Hereditary” Director On Next Film “Midsommer”

Ari Aster’s horror tale “Hereditary” is already one of the year’s most acclaimed films, and now the filmmaker has begun discussing his next projects as part of recent interviews with Film Comment and THR.

“Hereditary” is first and foremost a family drama, the type of film Aster began his career on, but it is the first of his to introduce horror elements. His immediate next film titled “Midsommer” he dubs an apocalyptic breakup movie and will go even further down the horror vein:

“It’s Scandinavian folk horror. That is the only other horror movie I have. And I’m pretty sure that’s going to be it for a long time. I love the genre, I consider myself a genre filmmaker in that I want to play in every genre. I would love to make a musical. I have ten other scripts that I’ve written that I want to make and there are other things I have. I’m writing a sci-fi film and there are at least four or five movies that I have ready to go that I am excited about making that I’d like to do in succession.”

The story follows a young couple’s vacation to a Swedish village where they discover the residents’ odd traditions and rituals. One of the couple carries pain from a recently deceased loved one, and soon an impending dread takes hold. Filming on “Midsommer” is slated to begin in August with location shooting in Hungary.