Hercules Gets Reborn With A Ratner

Brett Ratner (“X-Men: The Last Stand”) is tipped to be directing a live-action “Hercules” movie says The Los Angeles Times.

Producer Avi Lerner has apparently been in talks with Ratner about helming the film which Lerner has been developing for three years.

Through sources of our own, we’ve learned that the original script was a low-budget affair with Hercules being an ordinary human burdened with the identity of being a mythological figure during the Greek Dark Ages. The mold was to essentially be an ancient Greek superhero origin movie.

Though Ratner hasn’t signed yet, it’s likely that if he does the script will undergo re-writes to expand the scale, action and mythical tones.

Lou Ferrigno was the last person to play the mythological character on the big screen back in the mid-1980’s, though Kevin Sorbo played the character throughout the 90’s on syndicated television while Disney released a 1997 animated feature based on the character.