Hemsworth On Darryl, Infinity Stones & MCU Rules

Chris Hemsworth made an appearance at Sydney’s Supanova Comic Con over the weekend. The hunky “Thor” star ruffled some feathers the other week when it was revealed photos with him at the Con would cost a whopping $210 (and a further $200 for autographs).

When it came to his panel though, he was all smiles as he spoke about the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” and offered a couple of brief updates.

First up, he revealed he knows when we’ll finally see the ‘Soul Stone’, the last of the six Infinity Stones yet to be revealed, and it’ll be “real soon”. However, he didn’t go so far as to confirm its appearance in ‘Ragnarok’.

Hemsworth also said due to his contracts “it’s ‘illegal’ for Marvel actors to appear in DC films.” He reveals he and the other Chrises (Pratt, Evans) go by their surnames on the Infinity War set to avoid confusion.

Sadly he confirms that Darryl, Thor’s roommate from Taika Waititi’s online comedy sketches, will NOT appear in ‘Ragnarok’. Thor will have a few scars though, and he keeps his long hair for around 1/3 of Ragnarok’s runtime.

Source: Tyler James