“Hellboy” Remake Goes To Amazon Prime Early

Hellboy Clashes Emerge As Film Widely Panned

Those who skipped out on the recent “Hellboy” reboot in cinemas will get to see it on video-on-demand sooner than you might think.

Amazon has announced the titles being made available to their Amazon Prime Video members in July and it appears that on July 23rd, the same day the film hits Blu-ray and DVD, it will also be available to stream for free for subscribers.

Considered one of the biggest bombs of the year so far and a disastrous production, the David Harbor-led film could potentially lose physical media sales by this early SVOD release. The film opened in cinemas on April 12th and has made only $40 million worldwide – not even making back its $50 million production budget.

Another of the year’s most famous bombs, “Serenity,” is also being released on the service on the same day.

UPDATE: An Amazon rep has sent the following statement: “Hellboy (2019) is not available for streaming on July 23rd but is actually available on Prime Video for purchase on July 9 and for rental on July 23rd. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

Source: Movieweb