Hellboy & Heat Get Video Games

E3 got underway yesterday in Los Angeles and brought with it countless game announcements, machine spec details and video promos for stuff in coming months.

Amongst all the “Halo 3”, “Grand Theft Auto IV” and other announcements came word on two movie-related games. First up Director Guillermo del Toro plans to work with comic creator Mike Mignola to develop an original video game based on the “Hellboy” comic property. First pics and footage are up at IGN Filmforce. The project is not expected to have any specific tie-in to the second film “Hellboy: The Golden Army” currently in development.

On top of that Michael Mann’s 1995 thriller “Heat” is getting a video game sequel. The DeNiro/Pacino drama is expected to hit PS3 & X-Box 360 by late 2007. Mann is in talks to oversee development of the first-person shooter set in the film’s world, and talks are involved with actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Val Kilmer to be involved.

Finally, LucasArts revealed a next-gen “Indiana Jones” video game (no title yet) which ties into the upcoming movie with the developers apparently give big chunks of the script to work with. Aside from HD graphics, the game has two distinct features – ‘advanced physics’ which lets characters interact with their environment realistically, and a sophisticated artificial intelligence trick which causes characters to constantly change their behaviour and actions.

In slightly off topic news, I know many fans of the site are hardcore gamers who’ve already been fawning over their Xbox 360. Well that machine’s biggest rival, the upcoming Sony Playstation 3, finally announced a release date and prices at E3. The machine will cost $499 (20Gb Core Model) & $599 (60Gb Full Model) and is set for release November 11th in Japan, and then a week later on the 17th in the US, Europe and Australia. Around two million units should be available at launch, with another two million by the end of the year. The infamously hated ‘boomerang’ controller has been dumped in favour of a wireless DualShock controller with some motion control.