Helen Mirren Joins Spierig’s “Winchester”

Helen Mirren is closing a deal to play conflicted multimillionaire heiress Sarah Winchester in the Michael and Peter Spierig-directed supernatural thriller “Winchester” for Diamond Pictures and Bullitt Entertainment.

The late 19th century-set story is based on the world famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. When her husband and child died suddenly, Sarah Winchester became convinced she had been cursed. A medium sent her to San Jose in 1884 to begin a massive 38-year construction of a 160-room Gothic mansion which is now considered one of the most haunted places in the world.

The Spierigs wrote the most recent draft after Tom Vaughan wrote the first draft. Shooting aims to begin later this year in San Jose and Australia.

The news comes as earlier this week Mirren committed to Italian director Paolo Virzì’s adaptation of Michael Zadoorian’s novel “The Leisure Seeker”. Mirren and Donald Sutherland play a runaway couple on a last cross-country adventure in a vintage winnebago.

Source: Deadline