Hedlund Raves About Scrapped “Tron 3” Script

With the release of “Pan” in cinemas this past weekend, the film’s young and spunky interpretation of Captain Hook – actor Garrett Hedlund – has been out doing some press rounds.

Hedlund certainly knows his way around big blockbusters, most notably serving as the star of “TRON: Legacy” in 2010. Not that long ago it looked as if a third “TRON” was on the way to begin shooting this Fall in Vancouver with Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and director Joseph Kosinski slated to return.

That fell apart though and Disney cancelled development on the project earlier this year. Asked about whether the project really was moving forward at Disney before the plug was pulled, Hedlund told Coming Soon:

“Yeah, it was, and it was just sort of I guess put on hold. I don’t have all the answers. I mean, ever since [TRON] Legacy came out, they’d always wanted to get a concrete story for the next one. I knew that the new characters that we were introducing were going to be incredible. The script was really getting to a place to where everybody was getting really excited. The common comment was, ‘This one’s going to blow Legacy out of the water.’ I was really excited for that.”

Asked if Disney just paused the film indefinitely rather than outright scrapped it, Hedlund says:

“I guess so, yes. But yeah, I guess. That’s all I really know. Joe [Kosinski] was going to come back on and direct and everybody’s super excited, and who knows? Maybe there’ll be a time and a place for it.”

Hedlund most recently shot Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”.