Heavy Rain Game Becomes Film

Unique Features is closing in on a deal for the film rights to Quantic Dream’s acclaimed PlayStation3 game “Heavy Rain” reports Deadline.

Selling over a million copies since its release, the procedural-themed game has users playing four different characters involved to different extents in the hunt for the Origami Killer, a serial child murderer who drowns his victims several days after he abducts them.

The characters include a divorced father of the most recent abductee who lost his first child in an accident years before and suffers from black outs, a gruff private investigator looking into the killings with the help of a prostitute, a female reporter who becomes close with the father, and a whip-smart FBI agent with a drug habit and hi-tech glasses that produce a virtual computer interface even more elaborate than those seen in “Minority Report”.

The game has proven a big hit with critics and users with its unique gameplay which makes it more like a complex interactive movie with multiple variations on the story depending upon the player’s choices. A lot of money went into the production values as well with actors like Pascal Langdale and Leon Ockenden voicing and doing motion capture work for the production.

Unique has a first look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures but has enough funds to buy the rights in full, thus could take the film anywhere.