Heard Targeted In “London Fields” Lawsuit

The producers of the film adaptation Martin Amis’ dysoptian novel “London Fields” have filed suit against actress Amber Heard, accusing her of sabotaging the film and costing them over $10 million.

The film, in which Heard plays a femme fatale with clairvoyant powers, was to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. However the film’s director Mathew Cullen sued producers Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner for fraud which cancelled the premiere screening.

The film had screened at the fest for press early which yielded some unflattering reactions, and talks with potential distributors broke off. Two months on, the producers counter-sued Cullen and accused him of breaching his contract which included going way over budget.

In this new lawsuit, the producers allege Heard conspired to sabotage the film – campaigning for its cancellation at Toronto, failing to do ADR work, and working with the director to eliminate some of the more provocative scenes despite agreeing to the scenes in her contract.

Source: Variety