Heaps of AVP: Requiem Details

MTV News has posted a very in-depth interview with “Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem” directors Greg and Colin Strause, one filled with lots of spoilers and talk of a possible sequel.

Most interesting is that the pair distance themselves from the original AVP – “The studio knew that, although the last movie made a lot of money, it didn’t really resonate solidly with the fans. To get the same people back into the theater a second time, it was gonna be a bit of an uphill battle.” says Greg.

Colin confirms that neither he or his brother met with AVP director Paul Anderson – “I don’t think anyone wanted us to talk to him. This movie works even if you didn’t see [Anderson’s]… We really have to prove to the fans that this movie’s gonna be very different from the last one.”

The pair also talk a lot about the R-rating, confirming a kid painfully and graphically dies onscreen via a chest burster alien. The Predalien hybrid kills a lot of Predators early in the film, and essentially serves as the ‘Alien Queen’ in this entry.

As for a sequel? “I’d like to do another one but I’d like to do it in space. The next one either has to be more of the bridge after this and before ‘Alien,’ or you could do something after ‘Aliens. We have a pretty finite ending to this, but we have a cliffhanger per se; it’s a setup” says Greg.