HBO’s “Wire” Remaster Begins After Xmas

After months of speculation, HBO has confirmed that it has performed an HD remaster of all sixty episodes of its acclaimed drama series “The Wire”. The entire series has been re-mastered from more than 8,000 reels of original 35mm camera negative with all the episodes essentially going through the post-production process again.

All five seasons of the gritty Baltimore-set series will be available in 16:9 full-frame HD for the first time as a marathon on HBO Signature and on demand on HBO Go starting the day after Christmas. The network plans to run them in order on HBO Signature and go through a season a day.

For non HBO-subscribers, a digital version of the complete series will be available to purchase starting January 5th, and a complete series Blu-ray boxset will be released in the Summer.

Whilst creator David Simon has been adamantly against showing the series in anything but 4×3 standard definition in the past, in a lengthy new posting on his blog he talks about the new transfers and how the changed aspect ratio affects the series.

Source: Deadline