HBO’s “Watchmen” Series Begins Production

Faster than expected, HBO has seemingly begun early production on their TV series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic 1980s comic “Watchmen”.

“The Leftovers” showrunner Damon Lindelof returns to the network to serve in the same capacity on “Watchmen” and posted a photo on his Instagram account showing a statue with the words ‘In Gratitude’, a reference to a status presented to Nite Owl in the comic during his retirement celebration.

There’s also the caption with the photo – ‘Day One’ which appears to have been taken in a writer’s room – which means the mapping out of the series is about to get underway. When filming will actually begin is unclear as casting hasn’t even begun yet – suggesting a late 2018 airing at the earliest, more likely a 2019 bow.

Day One.

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The comic was originally published as a twelve-issue miniseries and became one of the most celebrated comics of the era. Recently the property has been resurrected with characters being more integrated into the broader DC Multiverse.

Zack Snyder helmed a previous film adaptation in 2009.