HBO’s “Deuce” Gets A Third & Final Season

Hbos Deuce Gets A Third Final Season

HBO has renewed its period porn industry drama “The Deuce” for a third and final season. “The Wire” and “Treme” creator David Simon is behind the series and made the announcement on Twitter. Simon and George Pelecanos created the series which stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal and explores twin brothers who become fronts for the mob while operating out of Times Square.

A year ago Franco said an ending for the series was already planned and that Simon and co-creator George Pelecanos basically set the whole project up as an extra-long limited series as opposed to an ongoing one with the hope of doing three seasons of eight episodes each. Looks like they got their wish. Simon says in a statement on Twitter:

“We’re always conjuring the last scene before we write the first. So much the better when we work for people who allow us to consistently plan, arc and execute as intended. Thanks, @HBO, for the third and final season renewal and the chance for #thedeuce to tell its full story.”

The series debuted to very good reviews last year, but the recent second season came and went with little noise or talk beyond the minor controversy involving Franco. “The Deuce” is expected to wrap in late 2019.