HBO’s “Ballers” To End With Its Fifth Season

Hbos Ballers To End With Its Fifth Season

Dwayne Johnson, star and executive producer of HBO’s “Ballers,” has confirmed that the show is coming to an end after five seasons with the final outing of eight episodes kicking off this weekend.

Created by Stephen Levinson, the show explored the world of pro football through a group of past and present players striving to stay in the game. Johnson plays ex-superstar Spencer Strasmore, who has reinvented himself as a financial manager for today’s players.

John David Washington, Rob Corddry, Omar Benson Miller, Donovan Carter, Troy Garity, London Brown and Brittany S. Hall also starred. In a statement, Johnson says:

“My heart is full of gratitude to all of you for rocking with us every season. You made us HBO’s highest-rated comedy for years and most importantly, you helped create and sustain a platform for other actors to have the opportunity to work hard, grow and become household names. To me, the opportunity ‘Ballers’ created for so many others, is the real gold of our show. I love you, I thank you and enjoy our final season of ‘Ballers’.”

This also marks the fifth HBO series to end this year following “Game of Thrones,” “Veep” and the upcoming final seasons of “The Deuce” and “Silicon Valley”.

Source: TV Line