HBO Wants Another “The Night Of” Season

HBO’s “The Night Of” was designed as a mini-series rather than an ongoing drama, with the show coming to a definitive conclusion in the finale.

Yet with HBO in need of some successful dramas, and with the show scoring a bunch of buzz during its run, the network is reportedly weighing the possibility of a second season.

HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys tells Variety he’s very keen on the idea of another season:

“Yes, absolutely. The only issue with doing another season is for them to come up with an idea that excites them. Steve [Zaillian] and Richard [Price] are talking and sharing ideas. I think it’ll be a longer process, probably. Both of them take their time and will only do something they’re really passionate and excited about. They’re not going to do another season just to do another season.

My guess is, it would be [one case in a season]. I think they’re talking about a lot of different variations, so at this point, all I know is that they’re talking about it. They haven’t come to us with anything. They’re just trying to get themselves excited about a take.”

Zaillian has previous indicated they haven’t ruled out the possibility of another season which would, as Bloys suggests, likely follow the anthology series model should it return. He does hope we’ll see a character like John Turturro’s John Stone again.