HBO Upbeat On More “Detective,” “Night Of”

HBO president of programming Casey Bloys appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday and said he’s hopeful that new installments of the network’s anthology crime dramas “The Night Of” and “True Detective” are on the way.

Nic Pizzolatto created “True Detective” which aired its first season in 2014 to immense acclaim, but the 2015 second season crashed and burned with critics. Richard Price and Steven Zallian’s “The Night Of,” a remake of British miniseries “Criminal Justice,” aired its first go in 2016 to solid reviews and award nominations.

HBO brass have previously said repeatedly that they are ready and willing to order more installments of both shows if the creative teams behind them came up with ideas they were passionate about. Bloys today said in both cases that’s happening as the creators “are closing in on ideas that they are excited about.”

Bloys adds that Pizzolatto’s potential “Perry Mason” series with Robert Downey Jr. is slowly moving through the development process. Finally, HBO announced that “Real Time with Bill Maher” will return this coming Friday January 20th, timed with both Maher’s birthday and Inauguration Day for President Elect Donald Trump.

Source: IGN